...from the Night to Shine Silicon Valley event Chairman

One Night.

When the Tim Tebow Foundation conceived of Night to Shine three years ago, it was a simple idea. Create one night for a community of special needs young adults to celebrate a prom-like event – a night that virtually everyone else who has ever gone to high school has experienced at least once. But this community, for a variety of reasons, does not have that opportunity.

One Night.
Night to Shine has grown to become a global phenomenon – a simultaneously coordinated prom on the Friday before Valentines Day. More than 10,000 members of the special needs young adult community will celebrate this year at more than 250 church hosted events designed uniquely for them. They will be celebrated and honored as Kings and Queens of their very own prom – for one night.

One Night.
will culminate at an event that will give them professional beauty attention, limo rides, a red carpet introduction, dancing and singing – all in the safety and comfort of a large group of volunteers that are there to serve them food, smiles and love. But the preparation and the afterglow will last for days, weeks, years and in some cases, lifetimes. It is just one night, but it is the night of a lifetime.

One Night.
It is not possible without people who have a passion for creating an incredible experience. 30,000 volunteers will be involved this year at sites around the globe – all willing to dedicate their time, compassion and gifts that will translate into a Night to Shine for all honored guests. As a volunteer or through your donations, you will share the same feelings that every one of the honored guests feels – you are part of something you’ve never experienced before. And perhaps, like our honored guests, your one night will be the night of a lifetime.

If you think you would like to be part of this amazing and gifted team, I urge you to watch the short 4 minute video below and consider if you would like to join us as we create this Night to Shine.

You will be blessed. Night to Shine. One Focus. One Night to influence someone’s life – maybe your own.

Lerry C Wilson
Silicon Valley Night to Shine 2017